The CCTV journey continues: Part 2

It was in 2010 that I wrote Part 1 of the journey, using the poem “IF”, by Rudyard Kipling, as a backdrop. The key question at that time was whether analogue or digital solutions were best. There was a lot of contradictory marketing and the key issues from a client perspective were being lost in the sales more

Does your camera have a job description?

In a few years time we will probably look back and realise that we are in the middle of the CCTV revolution/evolution.  Whatever the problem, it seems that somehow the CCTV camera is seen as the solution. And then you bump into a recent CCTV installation owner who is excited about the new investment.  The key words are IP, mega pixel, high resolution, fully digital and more recently video more

The Urban Environment and Security

We find ourselves faced with rising crime, and pressure to implement increasingly advanced technical solutions, to reduce the risk of becoming a crime statistic. Understanding crime and the route to successful prevention is a goal for all of us. Most of us have come to believe that you can buy a solution that will prevent more

What is an Integrated Security Solution?

As with all industries, terminology develops over time, often without a clear definition.  Everybody starts using the terms.  The picture in the minds of the audience can however vary substantially.  This is particularly difficult when your client has a different picture to you.So what should the term “Integrated Security Solution” actually mean? more

Integrated Security: How is it achieved?

In one of my last articles, I defined “Integrated Security Solution” as The Successful Integration of Technology and Manpower to Produce an Efficient Security Solution. This is of course a tall order.  Who has all the skills to put such a solution together? In most of the engineering disciplines, this is achieved on the basis of more

Security Residential Estates

The concept of a secure estate has been with us for many years.  Certainly, from my minimal knowledge of history, people have been putting walls around their dwellings or in fact towns for security and safety reasons, for thousands of more

Planning your Security

Planning your needs for security and safety is most often undertaken with emotion or fear. You have either suffered from a criminal event or someone close to you has. We find ourselves having to spend more money to get an increased level of more

The CCTV journey continues

“If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you...... If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two imposter just the same....” (Rudyard Kipling) more

Are you Engineering Active?
As Engineers we are surrounded by talk of the shortage of engineering skills, lack of interest by the school levers to enter the world of engineering and of course rapid changes in technology, to present a challenge to those who made the more 
From Drawbridge to Biometrics

The access control industry may just be a lot older than we believe. History tells us that there were walled cities (residential estates) and castles (private estates) and both had very strict access rules. It would seem that the management of the access was based on Manpower, Drawbridges and Big Gates.... read more

CCTV IN 2016
The CCTV world continues to evolve at an amazingly fast pace. Regardless of whether you have been in the industry for years or you are a recent entrant, it has to be a challenge. The change from taped recordings to digital storage feels like something that happened a lifetime ago. This change then paved the way for the IP world to move into more


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