The company was formed in March 1997, with an office in Westville. This has remained the operating base, even though the company has grown since the early days.

Rob Anderson had extensive experience in the construction and consulting industries before forming the company. This has the decided advantage of having a clear understanding of what can be achieved in practice.  The focus has always been to provide a quality service and good engineering.  This approach has resulted in a 20% year on year growth since 1997.

In addition to working throughout South Africa, projects have been undertaken in Angola, Tanzania, Morocco, Ghana, Nigeria and the Middle East.

Our expertise in process control, integrated security and general electrical engineering skills continue to keep us at the leading edge in the market place.


It give us great pleasure to announce that Mr Derick Serfontein has joined our company in March 2017

Why Adamastor?

Adamastor was one of the Titans, giants of Greek Mythology that were the offspring of the god Uranus and the goddess Gaia. They ruled the world, and are sometimes known as the elder gods, until Zeus led the Olympians against them and overthrew their rule.

The Olympians are the well known gods of Greek mythology that then ruled the earth from Mount Olympus.

As part of the revenge that the Olympians took against the Titans, Adamastor was imprisoned in stone in the Cape Mountains, where he now guards the Cape of Good Hope. His head lies at Lions Head, his body under Table Mountain and his feet at Devils Peak.

 He is the Giant who resides at the southern end of Africa.


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