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ADAMASTOR PROJECTS cc  has been involved in a large number of projects, here is a few of them below:

The Izinga development started with 4 secure estates with approximately 140 houses.  The development has continued with an open estate.  The final number of dwellings will be in excess of 2000.

Our involvement is both a security solution and general lighting and architectural lighting.  This is possibly the first open, secure residential development.  The application of CPTED principles are being used in conjunction with Manpower and Electronics.

Work is proceeding with investigation into provision of communication services to the residents so that they may take advantage of the changes to the Communications Act.
The Ridgeside development is one of Durban’s largest residential/commercial developments.  Our office has been responsible for the full Integrated Security Design as well as assisting with decisions on communication for this project.  This entailed liaison with the cellphone and fixed line service providers.  

The central security control room facility has been completed and the surveillance equipment installed.  Our ongoing involvement will include the open and secure residential nodes as well as the commercial nodes.
Umgeni Water Lift
The company was commissioned to manage the refurbishment and the controller/drive replacement for this lift. The lift, situated at Durban Water Works, takes operators 180m underground to the high lift pumpstation. It is a unique installation, as it also has the capacity to lift either motors or pumps from the underground pump station to ground level.
This lift is not only unique in the travel distance, but also its capacity to be able to lift either the motors or pumps from the underground pumpstation.

The refurbishment included a mimic panel with a link to the utility’s SCADA system.  Safety has been improved by this addition, which detects and manages alarms.
Pump Stations
The company has been involved in a number of pump stations.  These have been almost exclusively in the water reticulation industry.  Recently, we received an appointment to undertake redesign and supervision of the beach front sand pumping system.  

The most challenging water pump station has been the Durban Heights booster pump station, working in association with Goba (Hatch).

This work has given us a better insight to the hydraulic considerations necessary for the electrical engineer to be able to provide an effective design.

In all cases the system control has required PLC and SCADA design and specification.
World Cup 2010 and COP17
The World Cup 2010 gave exposure to an international event.  The company was appointed, in joint venture with Iliso and Arup to provide security and people counting for the transport system.

This resulted in a design that allowed for a modular turnstile system that provided people counting data, with direction, from 4 venues.  The data was collected in real time and made available to the team on a website for demand planning.

The security required a large deployment of security personnel for the period of the games, employing in excess of 140 guards.  The guards acted as points for information as well.

With COP17 following the games, eThekwini implemented the modular turnstile and counting system again, as a legacy.  In addition, we received an appointment by UNESCO to provide electric bicycle management during the conference.  The system managed 600 bicycles across 4 stations.  Again, a centralized reporting system was implemented.  The company received an SAIEE award for this project.
The company has had a long association with the Zimbali Estate, having designed and managed the full integrated security solution.  This included the replacement of the original security system to have one fully compatible solution.

Work has extended to include standby generator installations and tenders for a private communication network.

The company’s work in the private estate world has been extensive with involvement to date of in excess of 15 estates.

This work has been extended to include security system audits and assistance with the management of security, for a number of estates.

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